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Just a few words about me.

My name is Konstantin Stepanov, I'm 35 years old, and I'm a Russian computer geek and software developer. I live in Minsk now.

I graduated from Kuban State Technological University as an automation engineer in 2004, and work as software developer till nowadays.

Software development is my passion. I like programming since I learned Basic at the age of 9, and never stopped programming since then.

I'm a Linux user since, well, 1999. Slackware was my first Linux OS (just after a long life with DOS and Windows 3.1 to '98). In about 2003—2007 I was FreeBSD user (and I mean it, it was my desktop OS), but then I switched to Linux back again: Debian Squeeze, and ArchLinux now.

I'm an old Perl lover, although I don't write Perl for money since '08, I still keep using it for my project to have fun and keep my skills polished.

I like learning new languages. I don't like PHP, actually, but I know it very well, as I have coded in it for about 11 years now. I prefer Python (though not so many projects) or Ruby (hasn’t had a chance to join commercial Ruby project; neither has time to start my own).

I learn Lisp and Haskell; functional programming is one of my fetishes (and I use this paradigm from time to time in my commercial projects). I like Factor for its beauty. I use AwesomeWM, hence I know Lua well enough. Well, just look at my github profile to check out my toy projects I do for fun in my free time =)

Recently I discovered Rust, and it quickly became my passion. I started a handful of open source projects in it of my own. I try to promote the language here, in Minsk, Belarus.

From time to time I participate in Open Source projects. I helped Vimperator team in its early ages, did some things for AwesomeWM (though I'm not as good in C, so I dropped attempts to work on it due to lack of time and expertise), did some work for AngularJS project I'm a big fan of.

To the more official part (I tried to do it less official in job descriptions, but a resume is a resume, you know).

My jobs (in reverse chronological order since my official career start in 2003):

After Viaden closed Scala department, I moved on to Adform.BY, following my other colleagues. Now I'm a Scala software backend engineer working on advertisement solutions.

An Internet/mobile gambling company and part of Playtech Group. At first, I employed as a Python/Django developer for Yoga.com project, and then I was moved to inner CRM project as a Scala, which backs all company projects. So technically I'm a Scala developer here. We use Parallels (Kettle) and open-source solutions (like Hadoop) a lot for statistics gathering and data mining. Our stack also has ElasticSearch, Mongo, parts of Play Framework and many other things.

I was a Tech Lead/Senior Developer and sometimes Software Architect here. I worked on StyleStalk, LetMeHearYa, Lootsie... Just to name a few of projects, I dare mention of without discovering business secrets. My expertise here is in Python, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, JavaScript, AngularJS and other technologies.

We worked on never-ending Unite.com social network project. A lot of Python code, Pylons framework, MySQL as a DBMS with SQLAlchemy as a ORM, with some parts using SQLite for performance, ZeroMQ as a queue broker... Very complicated and large project. It was a very interesting project, but as it never launched, I became bored of it and moved on.

This was an insane time due to the financial crisis, so I join description up into one section.

In Warecorp I worked on parts of Zanby social network platform, wrote using PHP/Zend, MySQL, Sphinx and a lot of custom code and components. I was a simple Developer there.

Then crisis stroke for the first time, so I had to go looking for other places. For a short period, it was Rodmon, I consulted them on one of their projects (I better keep it private as I'm not affiliated with it now), but finished in Nival Network, a leading Russian game dev company. We worked on Zzima project — a Russian social network for gamers. The version I worked on had Java backend, used PostgreSQL as a DBMS and PHP Web frontend. My position in Nival was Tech Lead.

A leading software outsource company, known as StarSoft at that times (and consumed by Exigen Services in 2007, just in the middle of my career in the company).

I worked for Atomz web-analytics company (which then became WebSideStory, and then part of Omniture, now I believe is a part of Adobe). My position was PSE; that is Product Service Engineer. We wrote custom search solution for many US companies using Perl, a little of PHP and custom propriety platform.

A small Russian company in Krasnodar, my hometown. Renowned among Russian financial workers as a company behind Bankir.ru project (a leading forum and Internet resource aimed to bankers, brokers, and other financial people).

Also worked on many smaller PHP/MySQL/PostgreSQL projects. Our main CMS at that time was Midgard. Some parts of Bankir.ru are still using my code (though I'm not responsible for the project for many years).

A lot of PHP and PostgreSQL work was done in that years (including a lot of triggers and stored procedures).

My last position in the company was Tech Lead.